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Whether you’re looking to inspire your students or just make them laugh ’til they hurt, Walter Campbell is the man for the job. He’s been motivating and entertaining audiences for more than 20 years with hilarious material, an uniquely engaging delivery, and universal appeal.  As hundreds of clients will readily attest, he is an absolute hit!

But Walter Campbell is more than just another comedian; he is also an Air Force veteran whose stories of transitioning to civilian life and returning to school after 20 years of active duty service are as inspiring as they are laugh-out-loud funny.

Back-to-School Veterans & Adult Learners

Military veterans, like Walter, and other adult learners are returning to school in great numbers.  However, this is often after a long absence, and they find that so many things have changed in the classroom and on campus.  This can create undue stress and even demotivate some students before they even start. Many of these returning students simply need to see and connect with someone who has successfully made the transition.

Walter’s professional talents and personal experience can help you create a congenial environment and use humor to put together an effective presentation that will help even your most apprehensive students overcome their self-doubt and anxieties.

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Class Clown Initiative

Specifically created and developed to target middle and high school students who have been labeled the “class clown” in school.  This one day presentation focusses on the students.  We utilize humor and dialogue to connect with students to create an environment to speak about how they channel this sometimes disruptive behavior into a creative and positive attribute in and outside the classroom.

Walter Campbell has found that the perfect combination of inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and laughter can help tremendously to improve the student’s outlook.