Master of Ceremonies

Does your event require a polished, professional emcee?  Do you need a host that is flexible and can quickly adapt when the dinner starts late, the speaker finishes early, or the schedule changes at the last minute?  If so, look no further than Walter Campbell.

Walter Campbell is more than just a comedian with universal appeal and 20 years of entertainment experience; he’s also one of the most professional Masters of Ceremonies in the business.  His expertise enables him to provide an element of humor while maintaining continuity throughout your event. He flawlessly handles introductions, award presentations, and guest interviews, and can provide both timely adlibs as well as comedy monologues.

Walter is the perfect host. His style is energetic, engaging and thoroughly entertaining. Best of all, he can customize his material to perfectly match the theme of your event and integrate it seamlessly into your program.

As your Master of Ceremonies, here are just a few of the things Walter can do for you:

  • Create and maintain proper program flow, timing and balance throughout your event
  • Provide smooth transitions between speakers, honorees, media and other functional elements of your event
  • Tactfully improvise during delays, distractions and other unplanned occurrences
  • Make introductory and closing remarks
  • Easily handle any last minute schedule changes
  • Provide a professional comedy monologue customized to match your theme

Here are just some of the clients and events for which Walter has served as Master of Ceremonies:

  • Lockheed Martin
  • Citibank Headquarters 
  • McDonalds Restaurant Corporation
  • Georgetown University John Thompson Jr. Athletic Center Dinner & Gala
  • Sickle Cell Anemia Association 
  • US Air Force Birthday Ball
  • City of San Antonio’s Martin Luther King Jr. March & Celebration
  • Baylor University
  • University of Texas at Austin
  • US Air Force Worldwide Talent Contest
  • US Air Force “Tops in Blue” All-Star Southwest Asia Tour 
  • Antioch Community Transformation Network “Vision Award Gala”
  • US Army Mid-Atlantic Recruiting Battalion Holiday Gala

* Complete list available upon request

The bottom line:  If you want a host who can make your event flow smoothly, be memorable, and make an impact, you need Walter Campbell as your Master of Ceremonies.

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